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Game NameSystem
R-Type 3 : The Third Lightning SNES
R.P.M. Racing SNES
Race Drivin SNES
Radical Rex SNES
Rampart SNES
Ranma 1 2 Hard Battle SNES
Ranma 1 2 Super Battle SNES
Ranma Half : Hard Battle SNES
Ranma Half : Super Battle SNES
Realm SNES
Ren And Stimpy Show : Time Warp, The SNES
Ren And Stimpy Show : Veediots, The SNES
Ren And Stimpy Time Warp SNES
Ren And Stimpy Veediots SNES
Revolution X SNES
Riddick Bowe Boxing SNES
Rise Of The Robots SNES
Rival Turf SNES
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally SNES
Road Runners Death Valley Rally SNES
Robbedoes SNES
Robocop 3 SNES
Robocop Vs The Terminator SNES
Robocop vs. Terminator SNES
Robotrek SNES
Rock 'n' Roll Racing SNES
Rock N Roll Racing SNES
Rocketeer, The SNES
Rockman And Forte SNES
Rocko's Modern Life SNES
Rocky Rodent SNES
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball SNES
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball SNES
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 : Wall Of Fire SNES
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 : Wall Of Fire SNES
Run Saber SNES
Rushing Beat SNES

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