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Game NameSystem
Bahamut Lagoon SNES
Ballz SNES
Ballz 3-D SNES
Bart's Nightmare SNES
Bass Masters Classic SNES
Bass Masters Classic : Pro Edition SNES
Bass Masters Classic PE SNES
Bassins Black Bass SNES
Batman Forever SNES
Batman Returns SNES
Batman Revenge Joker SNES
Batman Revenge Of The Joker SNES
Battle Blaze SNES
Battle Cars SNES
Battle Clash SNES
Battle Mobile SNES
Battleship SNES
Battletech SNES
BattleToads & Double Dragon The Ultimate Team SNES
Battletoads Double Dragon SNES
Battletoads In Battlemaniacs SNES
Beauty & The Beast SNES
Beauty And The Beast SNES
Beavis And Butt Head SNES
Beavis And Butt-head SNES
Beethoven SNES
Best Of The Best SNES
Best Of The Best : Championship Karate SNES
Best Of The Best Championship Karate SNES
Big Run SNES
Biker Mice From Mars SNES
Bill Elliots Super NASCAR SNES
Biometal SNES
BlackThorne SNES
Blazing Skies SNES
Bomberman SNES
Bomberman 4 SNES
Bonkers SNES
Boogerman SNES
Boxing Legends Ring SNES
Brain Lord SNES
Brainies SNES
Bram Stokers Dracula SNES
Brandish SNES
Brawl Bros SNES
Brawl Brothers SNES
Breath Of Fire SNES
Breath Of Fire 2 SNES
Brett Hull Hockey SNES
Brunswick World Tour Champions SNES
Brunswick World Tour Of Champions SNES
Brutal Paws Of Fury SNES
Bubsy SNES
Bubsy 2 SNES
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage SNES
Bulls Vs Lakers SNES
Bulls Vs. Lakers & The NBA Playoffs SNES
Bust A Move SNES
Bust-A-Move SNES

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