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Game NameSystem
Langrisser 1 & 2 Playstation
Langrisser 1 and 2 Playstation
Langrisser 4 Playstation
Langrisser 4 & 5 Playstation
Langrisser 5 Playstation
Largo Winch Playstation
Last Blade Playstation
Legacy Of Kain : Soul Reaver Playstation
Legend of Dragoon, The Playstation
Legend Of Heroes 3, The Playstation
Legend of Legaia Playstation
Legend Of Mana Playstation
Legion of Heroes : Justice Playstation
Lego Island 2 Playstation
Lego Racers Playstation
Lego Rock Racers Playstation
Lego Rock Raiders Playstation
LeMans 24 Hours Playstation
Lemmings Playstation
Lemmings 3D Playstation
Let's Go : Eternal Wings Playstation
Let's Go to Pilot Playstation
Lets Go To Pilot Playstation
Libero Grande Playstation
Life Playstation
Lifeforce Tenka Playstation
Lightning Legend Playstation
Lilo and Stitch Playstation
Lion King, The : Simba's Mighty Adventure Playstation
Little Big Adventure Playstation
Livewire Playstation
LMA Manager Playstation
LMA Manager 2001 Playstation
LMA Manager 2002 Playstation
Loaded Playstation
Lode Runner Playstation
Lode Runner Extra Playstation
Lomax Playstation
Lomax in Lemmingland Playstation
Lone Soldier Playstation
Looney Tunes : Sheep Raider Playstation
Looney Tunes Racing Playstation
Lost Vikings 2 Playstation
Lost Vikings 2 - Norse by Norsewest Playstation
Lost World Playstation
Lost World : Jurassic Park 2 Playstation
Lost World : Special Edition Playstation
Lost World, The - Special Edition Playstation
Lost World, The : Special Edition Playstation
Lucifer Ring Playstation
Lucky Luke Playstation
Lunar 2 : Eternal Blue Playstation
Lunar : Silver Star Story Playstation
Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete Playstation

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