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Game NameSystem
Madden '96 GameBoy
Madden NFL '95 GameBoy
Madden NFL '96 GameBoy
Magination GameBoy
Mah Jong GameBoy
Mario GameBoy
Mario Clash GameBoy
Mario's Picross GameBoy
Maru's Mission GameBoy
Master Blaster Boy GameBoy
Matchbox Caterpillar Construction GameBoy
Mega Man GameBoy
Mega Man 2 GameBoy
Mega Man 3 GameBoy
Mega Man 4 GameBoy
Mega Man 5 GameBoy
Megalit GameBoy
Megaman : Dr. Wily's Revenge GameBoy
Men in Black 2 GameBoy
Men In Black The Series 2 GameBoy
Mercenary Force GameBoy
Metal Gear Solid GameBoy
Metroid 2 GameBoy
Metroid 2 : Return Of Samus GameBoy
Mickey Mouse GameBoy
Mickey Mouse 2 GameBoy
Mickey Mouse 4 : Mahou no Labyrinth GameBoy
Mickey Mouse : Magic Wands GameBoy
Mickey Mouse Magic Wands GameBoy
Mickey's Dangerous Chase GameBoy
Micro Machines GameBoy
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers GameBoy
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers GameBoy
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers : The Movie GameBoy
Migrain Acclaim GameBoy
Milon's Secret Castle GameBoy
Minesweeper GameBoy
Mole Mania GameBoy
Monster Max GameBoy
Montezuma's Return GameBoy
Mortal Kombat GameBoy
Mortal Kombat 1 And 2 GameBoy
Mortal Kombat 2 GameBoy
Mortal Kombat 3 GameBoy
Mortal Kombat 4 GameBoy
Motocross Maniacs GameBoy
Mr. Nutz GameBoy
Ms. Pac-Man GameBoy
MTV Sports Skateboarding GameBoy
Muhammad Ali Boxing GameBoy
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing GameBoy
Mulan GameBoy
Mummy Returns GameBoy
Mysterium GameBoy
Mystical Ninja GameBoy
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon GameBoy

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