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You're viewing Def Jam Vendetta Cheat Codes

Game Name : Def Jam Vendetta
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2004-09-15 16:19:31
Views : 1635

Easy way to get new skills
Here's an easier way to get all your skills. Do a story mode with all four characters but stop at the very last round when you face D-Mob. Do this with all four characters and then when the all on the last round finish the story mode. After all those fights you should have enough cash to get every bodys full skill.

Full skills
With story mode you can upgrade Tank, Briggs, Proof and Spider, to get all the skills of these guy's you only have to clear the survival mode. You'll have to face 37 enemy's at maximum. If you finished it you'll get 100.000$ which you can use to upgrade the guy's. Hint: every time you finish D-mob ( with a submission or K.O.) you get 100.000$, so you can upgrade the next person.

Music while you're doing a Blazin' Special
While you're playing a random match and you've a character with a long and boring Blazin'Special, press start 2x and a Blazin'Song is activated. Note: I use this only for boring and long during specials.

Unlock characters
Select Battle Mode. At the character selection screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then quickly enter one of the following codes:

X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.

Briggs (alternate costume):
X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle.

Briggs (alternate costume):
X, Triangle, Square, X, Circle.

X, Square, X, X, X.

Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle.

Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle.

Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle.

D-Mob (alternate costume):
Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square.

Dan G:
X, Circle, X, Circle, Square.

Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle.

Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, X.

Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square.

Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X.

Drake (alternate costume):
X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.

Funkmaster Flex:
Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square.

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle.

Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X.

Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle.

Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle.

Manny (alternate costume):
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle.

X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square.

Method Man:
Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle.

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, X.

Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle.

Square, Circle, X, X, Triangle.

Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle.

X, X, Square, Triangle, Square.

Peewee (alternate costume):
X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle.

X, X, X, Triangle, Circle.

Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X.

Proof (alternate costume):
X, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle.

Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X.

Razor (alternate costume):
Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle.

Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, X.

X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle.

Ruffneck (alternate costume):
Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Square.

Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X.

Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle.

Spider (alternate costume):
Square, Triangle, X, Square, Circle.

X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle.

Circle, Circle, Square, X, Circle.

Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X.

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