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You're viewing NCAA March Madness 2004 Cheat Codes

Game Name : NCAA March Madness 2004
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2004-08-19 16:49:28
Views : 21237

Created Players For Full Teams
If you want to create a custom player (such as yourself) for a school, but the team is to full, go to 'Edit Players'. Edit someone on the team that you want to play for. You will be a senior, but at least you will get to play for a year.
After one year, create a prospect before your season is over and you can convince your player to join you.

Easy Wins
Go to settings and place your three pointer shots bar all the way up. You might miss one or two, but your centers will be able shoot them.

Quick Steal
As the opposite team is about to pass the ball, guard the person that you think they are going to pass it to and keep tapping X. As soon as they pass the ball, your player will grab it.

3-point Shooters
Play as Connecticut and use the SG #4 or SF #33. They might not make the first few, but once you start making them they will be on fire.

More Effective Defense
To have a more effective defense, use a 1-2-1-1 Full Court Press. You can press Left for a defensive quickplay. If the team you are playing with does not have this play when you choose to use it, pause game play and go to 'Playbook', then 'Defensive Quickplays', and choose the play.

Facing Up The Ball Carrier
In order to face up the ball carrier, hold the Right Analog-stick Down. Your player will drop into an aggressive defensive stance. From here, you have full mobility with your player using the Left Analog-stick.

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