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You're viewing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheat Codes

Game Name : Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2002-10-28 05:10:20
Views : 74442

Please Note:
R and L are the Right and Left Trigger's.
Up and Down are done using the left analog stick.

Input these codes in the game, not paused:
God Mode - R,L,Up,Down,A,R,L,Black, White
All Weapons - R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,X,A
Slomotion - R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,L
Full Heal - R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,Down
Punch Mode - R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,Up
Gravity - R,L,Up,Down,A,L,L
Lethal Charge - R,L,Up,Down,A,Black,Black
Bomb Mode - R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,White
Megaforce - R,L,Up,Down,A,R,R (restart level to remove effects)
Nailgun Mode *pins people to walls* - R,L,Up,Down,A,White, White

Level Select
Press R, L, Up, Down, X, Y, B at the main menu.

Level Skip/Beat Level
To beat the level you are currently playing, press
R,L,Up,Down,A,X,L3,(push in the left analog)B,A,B,A.

Get An M4
Earn a Silent Assasin ranking on all of the St. Petersburg missions up to and including ''Invitation to a Party'' without any aggression. Pass ''Invitation to a Party'' last and you will recieve the M4.

Sawed off shotgun
Achieve a Silent Assassin rating twice.

To get Silenced Ballers
You will receive 'Silenced Ballers' after gaining 'Silent Assassin' ranking for the first time in the game.

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