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You're viewing Quest For Glory 2 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Quest For Glory 2
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-07-10 01:41:59
Views : 15348

Cheat :
Here's a trick for the classic game, Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire by Sierra On-Line. This trick enables you to get all the money you desire. You'll lose all the money near the end of the game, but spend all you want until them. All you do is visit the Dervish at the desert oasis. Get some of his beard off the tree. Return to Shapier and go to the Magic Shop. Sell the Beard to the shop keeper for money. You can repeat this as many times as you want, without getting more beard. Cheat Codes:

While playing a game, type [Space], then "suck blue frog", and another [Space] to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

[Alt] + B - Add up to 999 in money.
[Alt] + S - List sprites.
[Alt] + H - Edit all skills.
[Alt] + C - Display valid movement locations.
[Alt] + F - Memory information.
[Alt] + E - Ego status.
[Alt] + P - Display background and foreground objects.
[Alt] + G - Path maker.
[Alt] + V - Normal display.
[Alt] + Z - Exit cheat mode.
[Alt] + X - Exit cheat mode.

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