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You're viewing Lastcity Cheat Codes

Game Name : Lastcity
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-28 01:16:17
Views : 19952

Cheat :
Note : u cant enter the magically contaminated area w/o the magic stone.
Dig with shovel in dessert twice -> dirt shovel & key.

Make lever with plank & fulcrum.
Drop lever & push it to raise concrete rubble.
Dig with dirt shovel in dirt -> parchment. Look parchment.

Go west of dome with device & push five & push four -> west of domed city.

Go hall -> lamp. Unlock manhole cover with key. Go right down -> donut.
Look magic items -> wand.

Go east end. Push 5,3.
Look rock -> magic stone. Push 5,4.

Go west end. Push 5,3. Go magically contaminated area. Recharge wand.
Look at drawbridge -> donut picture. Throw donut at picture -> e.
Look toilet -> d -> explosive.

Go back to domed city & find tower.
Climb tower. Drop explosive. Wave wand -> u -> Laser cutter.

Go back to castle & find steel door.
Use laser cutter to cut open door. Look console. Push black then red.

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