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You're viewing Mr. Driller Cheat Codes

Game Name : Mr. Driller
System : Dreamcast
Date Added : 2002-06-18 00:31:17
Views : 17803

Hint :
Tip: In Time Attack mode, look for large groups of similarly colored blocks joined together for a quick way down.

Tip: Shallow depths can be conquered by constant jabs downward at top speed, though you'll have to keep weaving from left to right. Don't try this trick on later levels.

Tip: Mr. Driller's air supply lasts longer than you think and is replenished every 500 feet or so. Plan ahead and you won't waste time grabbing unnecessary capsules.

Tip: Even when the situation looks hopeless, make a run for it. Mr. Driller will dive out of harm's way automatically if you're fleet-footed.

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