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You're viewing Duke Nukem : Zero Hour Cheat Codes

Game Name : Duke Nukem : Zero Hour
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:30:00
Views : 20977

Cheat :
Regain health:
When you shoot a fire hydrant in the game stand next to it and press the A button.This will replenish your health to 100.

Titanic Level:
To access the Titanic level "GOING DOWN" find all the time machine pieces before you get to "THE RACK" and a second exit portal should appear in the room just off the first.

Wetworld Level:
To access the "WETWORLD" level play through level 3 'NUCLEAR WINTER' and when you reach the rail tracks leading to the communicator you have to power up drop off onto the roof below where you will see a medi kit. Now jump off this roof into the water (which is only on 1 side) and swim to a floating platform where you will see the level exit.

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