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You're viewing 42 All-Time Classics Cheat Codes

Game Name : 42 All-Time Classics
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2007-09-29 17:28:45
Views : 29353

Unlock Stamps buttton in Pictochat
When you chat to people online from your friend list you can see a grey button button that says STAMP. This button allows you to add stamps to your pictochat area in the form of different colours and shapes. For example: Green Leaf, Blue Teardrop, Pink Heart, Red diamond, White spot.

Normal and Hard Modes in Stamp
Unlocks the Normal and Hard difficulty in Stamp Mode.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Hard ModeBeat Easy in Stamp
Normal ModeBeat Easy in Stamp

Unlock Games for Free Play Mode
These Games will be available in Free Mode after you won them for the first time in Stamp Mode:
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Field TacticsFinish Level 3 in Stamp Mode
LudoFinish Level 2 in Stamp Mode
ShogiFinish Level 4 in Stamp Mode
Word BalloonFinish Level 1 in Stamp Mode

Get New Designs
Just win some Card Games of your choice to unlock these Designs
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Aqua DesignWin 10 Card Games
Aqua DesignWin 10 Card Games
Bamboo DesignWin Mahjong Solitaire 5 Times
Cloth DesignWin 5 Card Games
Cloth DesignWin 5 Card Games
Digital DesignWin A Game 15 Times
Fall DesignWin Koi-Koi 10 Times
Mum DesignWin Mahjong Solitaire 10 Times
Paper DesignWin Escape 10 Times
Plum DesignWin Mahjong Solitaire 15 Times
Stone DesignWin Escape 5 Times
Wood DesignWin 20 Card Games

Unlock Extra Icons
Solve the following missions to Unlock Extra icons to use as your in game avatar.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Unlock Ant IconSolve Mission 21 Takeover
Unlock Cactus IconSolve Mission 8 NAP
Unlock Carrot IconSolve Mission 13 Turncoat
Unlock Cool Shades Smile IconSolve Mission 26 Darts
Unlock Dog IconSolve Mission 1 I Doubt It
Unlock Duck IconSolve Mission 3 Spit
Unlock Glasses Smile IconSolve Mission 28 Billiards
Unlock Pineapple IconSolve Mission 13 Turncoat
Unlock Scorpion IconSolve Mission 20 Word Balloon
Unlock Sea IconSolve Mission 22 Balance
Unlock Seafood IconSolve Mission 17 Soda Shake
Unlock Smart Moncule IconSolve Mission 29 Billards
Unlock Starfish IconSolve Mission 23 Balance
Unlock Tiger IconSolve Mission 4 Blackjack
Unlocks Cat IconSolve Mission 2 Memory

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