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You're viewing The Simpsons : Road Rage Cheat Codes

Game Name : The Simpsons : Road Rage
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2008-03-20 17:39:58
Views : 29878

Level 1
Enter: Krusty, Snake, Homer, Burns, Burns, Bart, Oto, Abe

Level 6
Enter: Abe, Snake, Marge, Burns, Liza, Abe, Willie

Level 3
Enter: Burns, Snake, Burns, Maggie, Burns, Bart, Bart, Apu

Level 7
Enter: Abe, Krusty, Snake, Marge, Burns, Marge, Willie, Abe

Unlock all cars, levels, and bonuses
Enter Maggie, Willy, Bart, Chief Wiggum, Apu, Moe, Krusty, Barney as a password to unlock all cars, levels, and bonuses.

Level 5
Enter: Abe, Snake, Krusty, Marge, Burns, Marge, Willie

Extra speed
Enter Maggie, Bart, Maggie, Willie, Mr.Burns, Bart, Marge, Barney as a password.

Level 4
Enter: Abe, Frink, Apu, Bart, Burns, Bart, Wiggam, Krusty

level 8
Enter: Abe , Snake, Krusty, Marge, Burns, Abe , Krusty, Marge

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