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You're viewing The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja Cheat Codes

Game Name : The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
System : SNES
Date Added : 2007-08-04 10:47:08
Views : 42321

Magic refill
Go to the fairy that is hidden in the waterfall near the entrance to Zora's waterfall. Approach the pond and throw in an empty bottle. The fairy will fill it with magic before return it to your character.

Secret rooms
There are several secret rooms in the game. They may be found by hitting various walls and obstacles in the correct location to open passages that lead to chambers filled with power-ups.

Level 1
Hit the wall just right of the Hara Temple entrance to reveal a $100 head.

Level 2
Hit one of the pier columns on the far side of the bridge to reveal another power-up.

Level 3
Hit the right side of the Amusement Park entrance at the beginning of the level for a $100 lollipop. Hit the right side of the bridge at the end of the level for a power-up.

Warlock Zone 1
Hit the stone marker located directly below the big bell to reveal a hole. Jump into the hole to reach a room filled with rocks and special items. At least three pairs of Straw Sandals are needed to jump over the rocks to reach the items.

Warlock Zone 2
Find the locked door just to the east of the sauna. Break it open with a weapon and enter to find another hidden treasure room.

Warlock Zone 4
Hit one of the walls on the side of a house in the village.

Warlock Zone 6
Hitting a location on the wall in the village between two stacks of boxes.

Unlimited hamburgers
Enter vxZ++ lh:@Y nn3+1 $T+KK hG:!< +!+X@ r as a password. Note: Buying food after entering this code will disable its effects.

Bonus cave
Locate the building that has two or three doors on level 4. Press A + Up to reach the window between the doors and access a bonus cave.

Getting the Gold Cats
To get over the sets of rocks with three layers, you must buy Straw Sandals. Buy at least 10 Sandals. Go to the first level and jump under the bell. There will be a stone pillar there. Hit it with your sword and jump in. At the end of the tunnel are three layers of rocks. Jump over them with your Sandals and you will get a Gold Cat.

Always win at least $50 in lottery
Rapidly tap B during the lottery drawing.

Extra supplies
Enter 6[Heart]KjG RVGG! yBgMR %[Triangle]G:: v>G=[Heart] GRPG[Heart] ? as a password on the logbook entry screen. This password is intentionally invalid. Do not erase the invalid password. Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to return to the beginning of the page. Enter rzT$> L1>X9 q+TD[Triangle] ZR>?? q/>zD >[Triangle]H>z : as a password over the invalid password. Game play will begin at level 9 with Kid Ying. Press A on controller two to start Dr. Yang with extra items.

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