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You're viewing Super Street Fighter 2 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Super Street Fighter 2
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2007-04-07 09:36:37
Views : 12671

Easily reach to M.Bison
When playing the arcade or story mode have another controller plugged in , during the fight press the start button on the 2nd controller so it well appear like a new challenger wants to fight you, then choose the character tha you were about to fight for the secnd player , and you'll have a match hat appears to be a versus mach but if player 1 wins you'll progress further to the next opponent . Do these steps until you reach M.Bison. Note: This will not work when you fight M.Bison , you'll have to fight him on your own.

Choose the same character
Get eight of the same fighter in the Group Battle Mode of Super SF II. Choose Group from the title screen. Now, at the Battle Mode Select Screen, enter the following sequence on controller two: A, B, A, B, A, B, B, A. Now select the number of characters to be eight in one of the mode and then go to the selection screen. Each player may now choose up to eight characters

Speed Up Computer Battles
At the title screen, choose Tournament. In the Tournament Battle Screen, highlight the word END. Press START. All of the matches will be fought by computer opponents. Press a button to speed up the match.

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