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You're viewing Sonic The Hedgehog Cheat Codes

Game Name : Sonic The Hedgehog
System : Playstation 3
Date Added : 2007-03-13 09:31:30
Views : 50570

After the the video clip of the princess of soleanna, there will be a town square. go through it to the store and before you get to the store you will see an old man with a mark on his head. talk to him. he made some shoes. if you test them for him you get to keep them. these shoes will come of good use.

Silver medals
The silver medals are everywhere. On the first level when you go through the mirror you will end up at the the beach. When you jump on and off the big rocks and you land on the building do not grind down the rail. Look round and you will find a silver medal. After that go down the rail and when you go through the loops you will be running on water. To the left there will be another silver medal and a life (1up). Be warned because if you walk on a rock you cannot run back off it.

Longer jumps with Silver
Jump with Silver by pressing X, then press X again while in mid-air. This makes Silver float around. When floating in mid-air, tap X while moving in any direction instead of holding the button down. This will make Silver jump further.

Game Unlockables
Sonic The Hedgehog unlockables:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Audio RoomComplete Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100%
Free Mode: Amy RoseAll "S" Ranks on Soleanna mystery missions.
Free Mode: Blaze the CatPass all Soleanna mystery missions.
Free Mode: E-123 OmegaAll "S" Ranks on GUN Commander missions.
Free Mode: Knuckles the EchidnaAll "S" Ranks on Town Stage missions.
Free Mode: Miles "Tails" ProwerPass all Town Stage missions.
Free Mode: Rouge the BatPass all GUN Commander missions.
Last EpisodeBeat Sonic's Episode, Shadow's Episode, and Silver's Episode
Shadow the HedgehogComplete 'Crisis City' with Sonic
Silver the HedgehogComplete 'Silver the Hedgehog' boss battle with Sonic
Theater RoomComplete Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100%

Fast Sonic
In multi-player mode in any level or match, equip the Red Gem on Sonic, Activate it and hold it, then die. While still holding the activation button, wait till you respawn. When you respawn, deactivate the gem. You will now run ten times faster than normal. Also, the time will automatically be slow.

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