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You're viewing Musou Orochi Cheat Codes

Game Name : Musou Orochi
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2006-10-27 16:45:40
Views : 13747

Unlockable Wei Characters
Musou Orochi Unlockable Wei Characters...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cao CaoClear Wei Story - Stage 7
Cao PiDefault Character for Wei Story
Dian WeiClear Wei Story - Stage 7
Sima YiIn Sengoku Story - Gaiden 6, foil Sima Yi's strategy by killing the two retreating Orochi generals
Xiahou DunClear Wei Story - Stage 4
Xiahou YuanClear Wei Story - Stage 4
Xu HuangDefault Character for Wei Story
Xu ZhuClear Wei Story - Stage 1
Zhang HeIn Wei Story - Gaiden 2, successfully rescue Zhang He and defend the HQ
Zhang LiaoDefault Character for Wei Story

Unlockable Shu Characters
Musou Orochi Unlockable Shu Characters...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Guan PingClear Sengoku Story - Stage 1
Guan YuClear Shu Story - Stage 7
Huang ZhongClear Sengoku Story - Stage 1
Jiang WeiIn Shu Story - Gaiden 2, succeed in initiating Jiang Wei's ambush plan
Liu BeiClear Shu Story - Stage 8
Ma ChaoIn Sengoku Story - Gaiden 2, make sure that all peasants escape and Ma Chao survives
Pang TongClear Wei Story - Stage 4
Wei YanClear Shu Story - Stage 3
Xing CaiDefault Character for Shu Story
Yue YingClear Shu Story - Stage 2
Zhang FeiClear Shu Story - Stage 7
Zhao YunDefault Character for Shu Story
Zhuge LiangClear Shu Story - Stage 7

Unlockable Sengoku (SW) Characters -2-
Musou Orochi Unlockable Sengoku (SW) Characters -2-

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Azai NagamasaClear Wei Story - Stage 6
Fuuma KotaroIn Wu Story - Gaiden 2, defeat him after all supply troops have reached your HQ
Honda TadakatsuImpress him in all stories - Gaiden 7
Imagawa YoshimotoIn Wei Story - Gaiden 4, prevent all ploy troops from entering the village
InahimeClear Wu Story - Stage 5
Ishida MitsunariClear Wei Story - Stage 2
Miyamoto MusashiIn Shu Story - Gaiden 6, successfully open the dam and keep all the swordsmen (yellow) alive
Naoe KanetsuguClear Sengoku Story - Stage 7
NeneIn Wei Story - Gaiden 3, defeat the two Nene clones within 4 minutes after their appearances
Shima SakonClear Wu Story - Stage 3
Shimazu YoshihiroDefault Character for Shu Story
Tachibana GinchiyoClear Shu Story - Stage 1
Tokugawa IeyasuDefault Character for Wu Story
Toyotomi HideyoshiDefault Character for Sengoku Story

Unlockable Wu Characters
Musou Orochi Unlockable Wu Characters...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Da QiaoIn Wu Story - Gaiden 5, meet Da Qiao before the enemy does
Gan NingClear Wei Story - Stage 6
Huang GaiClear Wei Story - Stage 5
Ling TongClear Sengoku Story - Stage 5
Lu MengClear Wu Story - Stage 3
Lu XunIn Sengoku Story - Gaiden 3, successfully escort Lu Xun to your HQ
Sun CeDefault Character for Wu Story
Sun JianClear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun QuanClear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun Shang XiangClear Wu Story - Stage 5
Taishi CiClear Wu Story - Stage 2
Xiao QiaoClear Wu Story - Stage 3
Zhou TaiClear Wu Story - Stage 6
Zhou YuClear Wu Story - Stage 1

Unlockable Sengoku (SW) Characters -1-
Musou Orochi Unlockable Sengoku (SW) Characters -1-

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Akechi MitsuhideDefault Character for Sengoku Story
Hattori HanzoDefault Character for Wu Story
KunoichiIn Wu Story - Gaiden 4, successfully escort all peasants
Mori RanmaruClear Wu Story - Stage 1
Oda NobunagaDefault Character for Sengoku Story
OichiClear Wei Story - Stage 6
OkuniClear Sengoku Story - Stage 3
Saika MagoichiClear Shu Story - Stage 2
Sanada YukimuraClear Shu Story - Stage 3
Takeda ShingenClear Sengoku Story - Stage 7
Uesugi KenshinClear Sengoku Story - Stage 7

More Unlockables
Musou Orochi Unlockable Other Characters...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Da JiClear all stages in the game, including Gaiden stages
Lu BuImpress Lu Bu by defeating him in all stories - Gaiden 8
Meng HuoClear Shu Story - Stage 4
OrochiUnlock all characters besides Orochi
Yuan ShaoClear Shu Story - Stage 5
Zhang JiaoClear Sengoku Story - Stage 3
Zhu RongClear Shu Story - Stage 4
Zuo CiFinish all 4 stories

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