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You're viewing One Piece : Pirates Carnival Cheat Codes

Game Name : One Piece : Pirates Carnival
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2006-10-28 01:32:05
Views : 20277

Board bonuses
Complete the board game. All the games played will be unlocked in versus mode. Also, new larger boards and all the cards from the board game will be unlocked in the gallery.

Voice Collection
Play each of the mini-games in the "Member's Game" and "Captain's Game" options once. Each mini-game will unlock an option on the Voice Collection menu.

Unlock Skypiea 1
After getting the Grand Line 3 board. Go to "Board Game" then go to "Password". Entered going left to right, and once you reach the 3rd column, go to the 2nd row and press: X, A, A, Y, B, A, B, X, X.

Unlock Board Game Maps
To unlock the next map in Board Game, you must accomplish a task in the previous map.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
East Blue 2Get 1st place on East Blue 1
East Blue 3Get 1st place on East Blue 2
Grand Line 1Get 1st place on East Blue 3

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