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You're viewing Alone In The Dark 2 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Alone In The Dark 2
System : 3DO
Date Added : 2007-01-27 06:55:27
Views : 39020

Skip Part of the Game
When you first start the game, kill the guy lying on the ground and take his Thompson, clip, and vile. Keep going straight until you come to two guys with guns near the statue. kill them and go past the statue until you come to the house. Be careful, there is a guy on the right hand side of the house near the gate. (the one behind the gate can't hurt you) Kill him if you want to. Then go left to the other side of the house, and you will see a mark on the ground around the corner of the house near the bushes. Walk on the mark into the corner of the bushes, and you will magically get picked up into the air skipping past alot of the game.

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