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You're viewing Monster Hunter Freedom Cheat Codes

Game Name : Monster Hunter Freedom
System : PSP
Date Added : 2006-04-17 11:46:33
Views : 24887

Gallery Movies
Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Avian Master of JungleEncounter Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest.
Blue HunterEncounter Velociprey in "Your First Monster Hunt" quest.
CorneredMonoblosEncounter Monoblos in "Horn of the Monoblos"
Diablos EcologyDefeat Diablos in "The Diablos"
Divine ProvidenceEncounter Rathalos in the Rathalos Urgent quest.
Gravios EcologyDefeat Gravios in "The Terror of Gravios"
Khezu EcologyDefeat khezu in "Attack of the Cave Wyvern"
King of the HeavensEncounter Rathalos in the One Star egg carry quest.
Lao-Shan LungEncounter Lao Shan Lung.
LegendofBlackDragonEncounter Fatalis
Menace in the SandEncounter Cephladrome in the "Land Shark" quest.
Plesioth EcologyDefeat Plesioth in "Water Wyvern of the Desert"
Poison of the SwampEncounter Gypceros in the swamp.
Rathian EcologyComplete "The Fierce Flaming Rathian" quest.
ShepardEncounter Velocidrome in the "The Formidable Velocidrome!" quest.
SupremeRulerInfernoEncounter Gravios.
The Lone Black WolfEncounter Yian Garuga in the slay 20 Velociprey quest.
The Phantom BeastEncounter Kirin.
TheAncientPiscineEncounter Plesioth.
WhiteShadowDarknessComplete "Bring me a khezu"

Training School
To unlock the training school, you have to unlock the Lvl 2 missions from the town sage and complete the mission 'The Great Jungle Kut-Ku'. This will unlock a training school for you to fight against the kut-ku with limited weapons,armour and items. When you beat other powerful monsters they are also trainable against here.

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