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You're viewing SAC Alert Cheat Codes

Game Name : SAC Alert
System : Atari 2600
Date Added : 2006-09-09 03:31:39
Views : 31617

Unlimited Bombs
In the second level, destroy the fourth and fifth enemies that come on screen with the double blaster at the same time. The number of bombs you have stays the same, yet you're able to use as many as you please.

Unlock Floating head
Beat the game with over 2000 points

Double Blaster Power
To unlock the double blaster, you must leave three enemies alive during level three, no more, no less. This gives you the double blaster for the duration of the game, even if you lose a life.

Unlock the credits
On the password screen enter: DM5JJ3MEDRA2SUBPUB99LB0DB4RG0VELF

Ghost ship
In the first level, if you run into the 14th enemy to come on screen, a glich will enable you to go through ships and lasers.

Unlock Stalin head
Beat the game with over 3000 points.

Unlock UFO
Beat the game.

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