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You're viewing Rugby Challenge 2006 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Rugby Challenge 2006
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2005-07-16 17:28:12
Views : 13840

When a player is in possession of the ball, he may attempt to push an opposing defender away with his arm. Press [Black] to Block. Good timing is needed to successfully complete this move.

Outflanking Guidelines
If you have the ball, you may avoid tacklers while running by alternating rapidly between the left and the right trigger.

Touch and alignment
A touch is played when one of the two teams kicks the ball out one of the sides of the playing field. The two teams then form parallel lines. The alignment line is perpendicular to the touch line and goes through the spot where the ball will be thrown.

The team which benefits from the touch will have to put the ball back into play by choosing one of the three marks ([Triangle]), [Circle] and [X]) corresponding to the position of the three proposed players.

The opponent will then also select one of the three marks ([Triangle], [Circle] and [X]) in order to try to steal the ball.

The player who begins the touch must press and hold [X]. A yellow arrow will move between the two teams and the player will have to release the button to throw the ball to the player he selected.

If the timing is right, the player will veer the ball towards his scrum half and will acquire the ball.

Note that the player may decide to catch the ball instead of veering it. In order to do this, press and hold [Black] at the time the receiver is chosen.

Beyond your 22 game metres, when you kick the ball, it must first touch the playing field before going out on a touch, otherwise, the touch will be played as a kick.

Beyond your 22 metres, you may kick the ball directly on a touch, the touch will always be played at the spot where the ball went out.

A tackle is when the player in possession of the ball is taken to the ground by one or more players or when the ball touches the ground.A tackled player must immediately pass or free the ball and stand up.

You can tackle the player with the ball by pressing [X] and attempting to grab him by the belt or doing a dive tackle.

If you press [X] when your player is very close to the player in possession of the ball, you try to grab him by the belt. This results in a maul, unless the player is heavier than the tackler. In this case, the player in possession of the ball would be able to escape the tackle.

If you press [X] when your player is close to the player in possession of the ball, you will do a dive tackle. The player will then fall onto the ground, resulting in a ruck.

You can also forcefully tackle the player with the ball by pressing [Circle] and holding it down until it is achieved. At any time, you may let go of the button , to cancel the forceful tackle.

Converting a try
After scoring on a try, you may attempt to kick the conversion.

To score two extra points, you must kick the ball from the ground and over the bar between the opposing team's posts.

Each conversion has 4 parts:

The first part involves choosing from where the kicker (the player in charge of kicking the ball) will take the kick. You can move the kicker with the left analogue stick forward or backward to the spot from which you would like to take the kick. Press [X] to confirm the position.

The second part requires choosing, with the help of an indicator (the green zone in the directional cone), the best trajectory for the ball. Again, use the left analogue stick.

The third stage is when you choose the power of the kick, between 0% and 100%, by holding down [X] and letting it go at the desired power level. Note that the more powerful the kick, the more difficult it is to aim in the next step.

The fourth and final step defines the precision of the ball's trajectory. A white indicator moves from left to right at a certain speed. Press [X] when the indicator reaches the centre of the bar (in green) to give the ball the best possible trajectory.

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