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You're viewing Dragon Ball Z : Supersonic Warriors 2 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Dragon Ball Z : Supersonic Warriors 2
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2005-08-09 14:20:37
Views : 16751

Unlock Super Buu
Beat Buu's "Best Friend" Stage.

Unlock Cell (Complete)
Beat Cell's Complete Body: Successful!" Stage.

Unlock Androids #16 and #17
Beat Android #18's "16's Agitation" Stage.

Unlock Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks(DP7)
Complete Last Level of Gotenks Story

Unlock Maximum Mode(Mania)
Complete Maximum Mode(Hard)

Unlock Cooler
Beat Frieza's "A Battle of Blood Relations" Stage.

Unlock Infinite Dragon Power
Beat every mode

Unlock Gohan (Teen)
Beat Kid Gohan's "Golden Warrior" Stage.

Unlock Cell Jr.
Beat Cell (Second Form)'s "Cell Jr." Stage.

Unlock Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
Beat Vegeta's "Vegeta vs Android 18" Stage.

Unlock Broly
Beat the map where you fight broly in goku's story.

Unlock Goku (Super Saiyan)
Beat Goku's "Showdown: Core/Cooler" Stage.

Unlock Mecha Frieza(DP3)
Complete Last Level of Frieza Story

Unlock Hercule
Beat Buu's "Best Friend" Stage.

Unlock Trunks (Super Saiyan)
Beat Trunks' "Time Machine" Stage.

Unlock Metal Cooler
Beat Cooler's "Big Gette Star" Stage.

Unlock Super Saiyan 2 Gohan(DP6)
Complete Last Level of Gohan Story

Unlock Ginyu
Beat Vegeta's "Battle of Namek" Stage.

Unlock Dr. Gero
Beat Gohan's "Ambition" Stage.

Unlock Dende
Beat Piccolo's "Cooler's Armored Squad" Stage.

Unlock Android #18
Beat Krillin's "Differences in Experience" Stage.

Unlock Vegeta (Evil)
Beat all three ranks in Maximum Mode

Unlock Barrdock(SP)
Complete the 2 Barrdock Levels in Goku Story

Unlock Babidi
Beat Vegeta's "Evil Discovered" Stage.

Unlock Frieza
Beat Goku's "Enraged Warriors" Stage.

Unlock Maximum Mode
Beat one round of Z Battle

Unlock Zarbon and Dodoria
Beat Frieza's "Frieza's Irritation" Stage.

Unlock Cell (Second Form)
Beat Dr. Gero's "18, Activate" Stage.

Unlock Maximum Mode(Hard)
Complete Maximum Mode(Novice)

Unlock Dabura
Beat Buu's "The Gate to the Other World" Stage.

Unlock Tien and Yamcha
Beat Krillin's "Revived! The Ginyu Force" Stage.

Unlock Buu (Good)
Beat Gotenks' "Super Buu Has Emerged!" Stage.

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