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You're viewing Pro Pinball : The Web Cheat Codes

Game Name : Pro Pinball : The Web
System : Playstation
Date Added : 2005-01-09 03:56:21
Views : 11847

Turbo mode:
Enter PRO as a name at the high score screen.

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two and above to hear music from each pinball machine.

Play your own music:
After loading the game, remove the game disc and replace it with any full length music CD. Each mission or frenzy will have a song, depending which CD you use. Try to reach The Ultimate Showdown with your favorite singer or group's music CD.

Secret mania mode:
Reach Combo Mania. If "Lock" is lit, you can reach Secret Mania depending how many balls you have in play. You can rack up many millions of points from the sink holes, loops, and ramps.

High score passwords:
Hold both flippers down during track mode to display the high score passwords. Use these passwords to enter high score contests.

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