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You're viewing NBA Live 2001 Cheat Codes

Game Name : NBA Live 2001
System : Playstation
Date Added : 2005-05-05 06:55:19
Views : 13510

Strong pass:
Press L2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball quickly to your opponent.

Easy basket:
When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they will jump. Run around them and dunk the ball.

Try all the awards in NBA Live Challenge:
Earn 100 points, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation. You should still have the 100 points. You select any reward, but do not save the game. If you do not like that particular reward, just keep resetting. You can buy any reward.

Throw the bows (elbow):
Hold the ball and press R2 + Triangle + Left or Right. This will not work if you are in the paint. However, if you have the ball and are not dribbling it you can do it.

Between the legs pass:
Press R2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball between your legs to your opponent.

Rolling pass:
Press R1 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball by rolling it to your opponent.

Defeating Michael Jordan one-on-one:
Make one point and the ball goes to winner mode. When he checks the ball, go with turbo Down/Left and then quickly make a circle around him, go for the sheet, and dunk away. Keep at this until you master faking him with a roll around cross over.

Cheap fouls:
Post up on the baseline and spin out of bounds. On a fast break, stop when you get under the basket and press R2 + Circle. When you face up, press Square repeatedly, then shoot.


Save player creation points:
Buy the options for create player super player: mohawk, eye patch, etc. Create your player and use the options that you bought. Save the roster, then load challenge from the memory card. If done correctly, you will have your created player with the new options as well as the original points that you bought the options with.

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