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You're viewing Luigi's Mansion Cheat Codes

Game Name : Luigi's Mansion
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2001-12-21 17:51:06
Views : 89441

Teleport to main entrance
Stand in front of any mirror in the mansion except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts. Then, switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and press A to warp to the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.

Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) mode
Successfully complete the game and save. Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) mode will now be available to the main menu. This mode allows you to play the game with various differences.

Gallery mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock everything in the gallery.

Extra hearts and money
Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandelier, and vases, as most contain either hearts and money.

In-game reset
While playing a game, hold B + X press Start for about two seconds.

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