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You're viewing SNK vs. Capcom : Match Of The Millennium Cheat Codes

Game Name : SNK vs. Capcom : Match Of The Millennium
System : Neo*Geo Pocket
Date Added : 2005-02-01 17:15:52
Views : 19708

Special mode in Dance mini-Olympic game
Press Option at the stage selection screen in dance mode, The round will begin with symbols of mice and other fast moving strange objects instead of the normal symbols.

Quick fighter selection
Successfully complete game on under the Gamer difficulty setting.

Fight as Fio on Target 9
Select Olympic mode, then select SNK mode. Choose Target 9 and hold Option when the small flying "droids" appear.

Bonus fighters
Halfway through the game you must play a one-on-one battle with your lead character's "rival". You only get one chance, and if you fail, you will not unlock anything. Assuming you beat this character you will continue fighting opponents until you face the last Boss, either "Wild Iori" or "Evil Ryu" (depending on which character(s) you played as). After defeating this character, you are presented with a square consisting of nine smaller squares (resembling the side of a Rubik's Cube). A number of these from 1 to 6 will disappear depending on the difficulty level you have chosen. These squares vanish randomly, and only when all nine are uncovered will the hidden character be revealed. This is tricky because the squares disappear in a random order, and sometimes only squares you have already broken will vanish. Theoretically you can unlock them in three tries, but it normally takes six to nine times for each hidden character, assuming you unlock only one new square each time. These odds are helped by choosing disparate characters. For example, defeat the game fifteen times using Ryu, Ken and Morrigan (similar type characters) without unlocking Akuma, the first hidden character. Then, after using Zangief, a completely different character, Akuma became unlocked. The other characters that can be unlocked are Yuri, Akari, B.B. Hood, Geese, M. Bison, Orochi Iori, and Evil Ryu.

Alternate costumes
Hold A while selecting a character.

View animations
Press Option when the introduction sequence starts, just when the "SNK vs Capcom" title appears. A animation selection screen will appear, where the various endings and more can be viewed. Note: The game may have to be completed before this may be done.

Blood mode
Change the default language to "Japanese" in the system settings before using the game.
Fight in handicap matches
Select tag or team mode. Select any fighter and press Option at the character selection screen. The CPU will advance past the second and third characters on your team and set your fighter against two or three opponents.

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