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You're viewing Metal Slug : 1st Mission Cheat Codes

Game Name : Metal Slug : 1st Mission
System : Neo*Geo Pocket
Date Added : 2005-02-01 17:09:04
Views : 35378

Super jump
Jump on an opponent's head and immediately jump again to jump higher than normal.

Alternate demonstration
Go to the set up menu and change the button configuration so that you will jump with A. Have the game play by itself and the demo will do some unusual things.

Play as Boss
Successfully complete the game with a devil class rank under the very hard difficulty setting. The last Boss will be playable, with unlimited hit points but limited ammunition.

Successfully complete the game under the normal or better difficulty setting and obtain a rank of 23/23. Note: Some falls will still be harmful.

Alternate female character
Successfully complete the game to unlock an alternate version of the female character.

Level select
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "S-Continue" option that allows any level to be played again.

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