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You're viewing Andretti's Racing Cheat Codes

Game Name : Andretti's Racing
System : Saturn
Date Added : 2005-01-25 14:03:53
Views : 14346

Wire-framed Car
Type "WYRED" at the Begin Career name entry screen for a wire-framed car.

New Opponent
Type "PRESSSTART" at the Begin Career name entry screen for a new opponent.

Fat Cars
Type "PHATCARS" at the Begin Career name entry screen for obese cars.

Cheat Mode
During gameplay, press Pause. Highlight Race Statistics, then press and hold R + C or R + L + A to bring up the cheat menu.

Code Effect
wyred Wire-frame mode
phatcars Very fat cars
pressstart A new opponent

Bonus Racing Cars
Type "GO BRUINS!" at the begin career name entry screen for six new indy racing cars.

Begin your game in begin career then as your name put in go bears! for seven or six cars or put your name in as go bruins! for seven or six secret cars not really but you get to pick the car you want from a selection.

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