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You're viewing Road Rash 3 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Road Rash 3
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 13:26:00
Views : 23907

Unlimited Cash
First put it in 2 player mode, then set split screen. Then choose weapon and level. Exit and you will have unlimited money.

Passwords For All Bikes
Bike Money Password

Perro 125 $222,010 IMCB-1102
Corsair 400 $221,760 0KCA-120E
Kamakazi 250 $221,510 EGCB-140R
Banzai 450 $220,010 2UAB-160T
Ratzo 500 $219,520 0OAA-190N
Stiletto 600 $218,010 I4AB-1B0O
Perro 250 $215,810 Q88B-1D04
Kamakazi 750 $213,020 C66B-1F0K
Diablo 750 $211,210 2G4B-1H0K
DMG 1000 $208,130 Q82B-1J0F
Corsair 600n $206,010 IE0B-1L02
Kamakazi 750n $203,221 4CU8-1N0F
Banzai 750 1100 $195,010 Q4O8-1O0O
Stiletto 900n $190,120 88K9-1R0A
Diablo 1000n $185,000 88G8-1T07
Wild Thing 2000 $200,000 15S9-PU03

Free Bike
To get any bike without using your money go to two player mode and choose the bike you want. Then simply put the game on one player mode and start the game. You will have the bike you picked.

Fast Bikes, Loose Cash, And Level 5
At the password screen, enter "r7ef-tu0r" for $250,000 and a fast bike on level five.

Fast Bikes And Loose Cash
For a hot time on a hot bike, go to the password screen and set the fourth digit to '2' and the sixth digit to 'U'.

Cheaper Repair Cost
During the game when your bike has no more hp DO NOT go back to your bike and let it wreck when you touch it. Instead start jogging up the road. After a while a police officer (like OFFICER 11 etc...) on a bike will come up and arrest you. You will still have to pay the ticket, but when you start the race again your bike will be as good as new. Note: If you do so you will discover that paying the ticket is a lot cheaper then paying the repair cost.

Easy Money
To start on level 5 with $45,000, enter the password "SPU1 5903".

200000 dollars
Go to password select, enter 15S9 pu03.

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