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You're viewing F-22 Interceptor Cheat Codes

Game Name : F-22 Interceptor
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 11:34:29
Views : 21794

Cheat Menu
Enter the password "GTGAUO". Now land your plane for a surprise. After that, hit b+c at the same time and it will take you to a screen at the top of that page. Some words will be highlighted bring the green highlight down to where it says unlimited ammo. There are a few more cheats also make it so you see a little x beside it and you will have those cheats.

Cheat mode
Press B + C during game play. A menu with unlimited firepower, invincibility, automatic targeting, and other options will be displayed.

Veteran aces
Enter MGGIGJ as a password at the password screen.

Level passwords

Mission USA Iraq Korea Russia Aces
1 0HG021 C6G022 7E002E HJ0024 LJG02V
2 0PG06D CEG06L 7M006Q HR412H LNG067
4 11G0I2 CM60EC 8201QS IB02EI LVG0EU
5 15G0MA CUGO1O 8601U4 IF02U6 M3G010
6 19G0UM D2G0U2 8A022D 8A022D M7G0UG
7 1DG163 D6O1EV 8I0TE8 8I02E8 MBG16T

Harder Game
For a real challenge, at the password screen, enter the password "GPRJCM". You'll face an aerial onslaught of F-22's, KC-135's and MIGs.

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